It’s been a while since I’ve interviewed anyone and I thought what better way to get back in to it than by stripping it down to its bear essentials. Well…actually no. I just needed to use the word “stripping” in the intro because, that is what my next guest does for a living…she’s a stripper!

Brad: I always feel somewhat awkward coming to a place like this. I dunno, I guess I feel a little guilty about watching pretty girls get their kit off or something. What’s it like to actually work here? Do you enjoy it?

Chasey: Absolutely! Where else can you earn this much money for doing so little? I work three nights a week and if I’m lucky I can take home a couple of grand at the end of it, just for flashing my tits! You don’t even have to be a good dancer! The guys don’t care how well you dance, as long as you wiggle and jiggle a bit, they’re happy [she laughs]

Brad: So how long have you been a stripper?

Chasey: A little over a year now.

Brad: What did you do before that?

Chasey: I was working as a checkout chick in a supermarket, but that just wasn’t coming close to paying the bills. A friend jokingly suggested I should sell my body to earn some extra money and I thought that was a really good idea. The thought of getting paid to have sex was really appealing! But after some serious thought I decided I couldn’t do it, so I started looking into the whole erotic dancing thing.

Brad: Speaking of which, what do you prefer to be called? Stripper, erotic dancer, adult entertainment performer….?

Chasey: [laughing] I like “Clothes Removalist”! But no, seriously, stripper is fine.

Brad: I noticed that some of the punters seem to take the whole thing entirely too seriously. Take that guy for example, the look on his face scares me and I’m not even dancing. How do you cope with that kind of thing?

Chasey: It’s what I get paid to do. Like I said, I can pull a couple of grand a week. More than enough encouragement to put up with it.

Brad: You don’t get worried that someone might be waiting around for you when you finish or something like that?

Chasey: No, not really. The bouncers here a really good. We let them know if we’re worried about someone and they keep an eye on them for us. If they’re still around come closing the guys make sure they’re out and away before we leave.

Brad: I have to ask, is this what you always planned to do. My little cousin was asked the other day what she wanted to be when she grows up. She said a stripper. (We laughed, but her mum didn’t!) Was that what you did? Was stripper top of the list?

Chasey: Far from it. I wanted to be a architect. I still do actually. I’m only doing this so I can pay for my university degree.

Brad: So you’re studying now?

Chasey: Yup. I’m half way through my degree. A few more years and I’m fully qualified.

A big scary looking bouncer comes up and tells Chasey that she’s due on stage again. She tells me to hang around so we can finish the interview.There’s not many people in the club. A few sleazy guys who look like they should be wearing overcoats, a couple of young guys who look too young to be allowed in here (their glowing red faces give their strip club virginity away) and the rest are bar staff, dancers and bouncers.

Chasey bursts onto the stage almost wearing a lovely gownless evening strap and begins her routine. There’s a large pole in the middle of the stage where she focus’ much of her attention. She dances around it as if it were a lover. You can see it written on the faces of everyone who is watching her…”I want to be that pole!”.

She strategically removes what little she is wearing and soon she’s dancing around the stage completely exposed, leaving nothing to the imagination. She has a garter belt around her thigh and men stick $5 notes in there. When someone places a note in the belt, she focus’ her attention on them, giving them a private performance almost.

After a few minutes, her set is finished and she disappears back behind the curtain to to the pathetic sound of 6 hands clapping. A little later she reappears at my table. Carrying a bottle of water and a scotch & dry. She hands me the scotch.

Brad: Thanks. Now I can tell all my mates a stripper bought me a drink.

Chasey: Think your self lucky. I don’t normally buy punters drinks, they normally buy them for me. So, what did you think?

Brad: Umm…yeah nice? I dunno, what do you say to that?

Chasey: [Laughing] Did it turn you on?

Brad: [Laughing] Well, I did have some very nasty thoughts while watching you.

Chasey: That’s what I like to hear. We get some pretty interesting compliments in this job.

Brad: Really? Like what?

Chasey: Christ! Where do I start? There’s been some good ones let me tell you. There was this one guy who thought I was so good he wanted a memento to take with him…he asked if I could shit in a box for him.

Brad: Grose! Did ya?

Chasey: Fuck off! I ever so politely declined, by throwing a drink in his face.

Brad: What about the other side of the scale? What’s the best compliment you’ve gotten.

Chasey: $1000 tip. Some old bloke came in and just sat there in the corner. Every time a girl got on stage he’d come up to the foot of the stage and just stand there watching. The other’s though he was freaky but I kinda felt sorry for him, so every time I came out I’d do my thing down his end of the stage, even though he wasn’t paying for it. When he was leaving he called me over and gave me an envelop and thanked me. I looked inside and there was $500 in there. I got excited and kissed him and he pulled out another $500 and gave it to me and left with this goofy look on his face. I made his night and he definitely made mine!

Brad: Sweet! Does shit like that happen often?

Chasey: No, not like that. We occasionally get some good tippers in, but never that good. Normally when someone wants an up close dance (which the next best thing to a lap dance) they put $5 in our garter belts and we dance in front of them and get real close. The better the $5 dance, the more they get us to come back and do it again. By the end of the night we can walk away with a couple hundred in $5 notes.

Brad: So is that how you make your money?

Chasey: Mostly. We get a set wage from the club, nothing much though, the rest comes from the tips and lap dances.

Brad: What’s a lap dance worth?

Chasey: You want one?

Brad: Umm…sure.

Chasey: Well, for you, $20.

Brad: Is that what you’d normally charge?

Chasey: No, normally its $30.

Brad: Well, I’m flattered, but I don’t want you to lose money because of me.

Chasey: It’s ok.

Chasey goes over and speaks to one of the bouncers and comes back and leads me into a back room. There’s a couple of pool tables and lounges scattered around. We go off into a side room where there is a chair in the middle of the room and not much else. She indicates for me to take a seat.I look around and notice the bouncer has come in as well and stands near the door.

Brad: Just in case?

Chasey: Yeah. It’s good to have them on hand, keeps the guys on their best behaviour.

Brad: I can see how.

I hand Chasey the money and she turns on the stereo. A sensual sounding song starts up and Chasey begins the lap dance. It’s a much more intimate affair than what she does on stage. Where as before the pole was her “lover”, now her attention was focused solely on me.The way she dances and slides all over me, I quickly forget the bouncer is there in the room with us. Unsure of the proper protocol in such a situation, I keep my hands down by my side just in case I accidentally touch her. Obviously this isn’t the right thing to do as she grabs my hands and places them firmly on her breasts. She slides my hands all over her body, avoiding the obvious places, and then lets go. Keeping away from the obvious places myself, I keep my hands moving as she showed me which was met with a smile of approval.

Soon, her dancing takes on an urgent edge to it, as if she was actually having sex with me and getting close the the point of no return. The tempo of the music increases to match her movements and finally finishes in a sudden release. My breathing had quickened as if I had been right there with her, my heart racing and my….well…lets not get into too much detail here.

Brad: Whoa! Now that was something else!

Chasey: [smiling] Glad you liked it.

Brad: [to the bouncer] Oh, I forgot you were here.

Bouncer: Most do.

Chasey gets dressed again and we head back out to the bar. This time I buy her the drink.

Brad: I’ve got one last “official” question to ask, is Chasey your real name?

Chasey: Of course not. You think I want every Tom, Dick & Harry to know who I really am? Nah. Chasey is the name of a porn star…

Brad: Chasey Lane?

Chasey: [laughing] You know her?

Brad: Blink 182 sing about her.

Chasey: Sure, sure. Any way, I chose the name because most guys, like you, probably know who Chasey Lane is and it’d be an easy name for them to remember. We don’t want to make them think too hard when they come here. They’re using the wrong head for starters [she laughs].

Brad: What would happen if one of the regulars, or someone who knows you as Chasey were to approached you in the street?

Chasey: I dunno. It’s never happened yet. I’m not allowed to tell anyone my real name while I’m here, it’s club policy or something, but what I do in my own time is my own business. So, if I ever see you out there and you ask. I might tell you.

Brad: I’ll keep my eye open then.

Any way, that’s pretty much the extent of it. One thing I notice while at the club is that most of the guys there seem to think the girls are just objects or something. The way some of the freakier guys stare at them is down right scary!

So, my message for all you kids thinking about going to a stip club, or regular attendees…. remember, strippers are people too. Many of them, like Chasey, are really nice people. Just because they take their clothes off for a living doesn’t mean they’re any less than you or me.

Man, I sound like Jerry Springer or something!