Stolen from See Mike Draw.


It’s my own fault really. You see, I was off work for two days this week and discovered a YouTube channel called UFOTV. I think I have now watched every documentary they have on offer and my head is swimming with alien abductions/visitations; alien artifacts (including huge cities) on Mars and even the moon, aliens living under the earth (it’s hollow apparently) and even divine wisdom from Pleiades – both in person and channeled.

I think my IQ has dropped as a result because I’ve found myself thinking…maybe?

See, from a statistical point of view, I find the idea that we are the only planet with life absurd. There are just so many star-systems and planets out there, that it is statistically possible there is life out there. Even if the forces that conspired to create life here are so unique and rare, there are still enough opportunities out there that it could happen again. Just think, winning the lottery twice has odds of around 400 million to 1, and yet it has happened many many times!

In the 1960’s, astrophysicist, Frank Drake came up with an equation to guesstimate how many communicative extraterrestrial civilizations there may be in the Milky Way galaxy (that is, how many we may be able to communicate with). Original estimates were between 1000 and 100 million. Think about it; that’s just in our neck of the woods! How many other galaxies are out there? Apparently, a recent German super-computer simulation estimated that the number may be as high as 500 billion galaxies out there (although, I haven’t seen the actual simulation or even know who did it) so even if we take the low guesstimate of Drake’s equation, we still end up with 500 trillion potential intelligent civilizations out there.

This is all purely theoretical, of course. As to whether we’ve been visited, abducted or communicated with (via crop circles or other means)…I’m going with a big doubtful question mark.

Yes, I believe in UFOs – they are, after all, simply Unidentified Flying Objects – but I doubt they’re extraterrestrial in nature. I think of it like this; if we were able to travel thousands of light-years to an inhabited planet, would we bother sneaking in, abducting its denizens and doing weird experiments on them and their livestock?…actually, come to think of it, we probably would. Cancel that, the Aliens are here, it’s all true!

One interesting phenomenon I want to share is this video. Of course, the alien conspiracy nuts are saying it’s a giant spaceship refueling on the sun’s energy, but it is intriguing. I would love to know what it actually is.

It’s funny; I have more faith in the existence of aliens, than a god.